About Expand – IT
We make data work for you, by turning it into visual information so you can make more informed decisions.
In Expand – IT we are passionate about the intelligent use of data to render a wide range of action based solutions, services and products.
We are a specialist independent Technology organisation in Education and Training that provides strategic, operational, project management and technical consultancy and services.
Our team


Project and Business Development


Malcolm Greenhalgh


  • Responsible for business development strategy and growth.
  • Also responsible for quality assurance systems to guarantee the company continues to provide high quality services to its clients. These include LA schools and academies in all phases, education authorities and national and local associations.
  • His experience in developing educational IT programmes in England, Hungary, and the Middle East has helped the company to expand.
  • Managing Director of MGA Education Ltd the accounting and IT research and development arm of Incyte International, an educational adviser to the Department for Education.
  • Initiator and Chairman of Bench Marque Ltd formed in 1992, responsible for developing the company’s business into one of the largest education companies in the UK before being taken over by Tribal Education in 2004. Bench Marque’s client level included the DfES, QCA, the Greek Ministry and the British Council. Its operation of Ofsted inspections in the school and nursery phases made it one of the country’s biggest inspection operators.


Public Relations and Business Opportunities


Caroline McKee

  • Responsible for developing Expand-IT’s links with schools, academy chains and creating further business opportunities through support of recruitment in a range of industries.
  • Caroline is a project manager and writes bids as part of business development.
  • Has taken a major role in developing the company’s IT self-evaluation support systems which are working very effectively in many schools in the UK and overseas. These databases are at the cutting edge of new technology and provide easy to manage data analysis processes which help to enable schools to have high quality self-evaluation systems.
  • Has significant experience as an Ofsted lead inspector and lead reviewer building on her experience of teaching and leading in a wide range of schools in the private and public sectors.
  • Caroline is also a Director of MGA Education Ltd and Incyte International Ltd.


IT Director and Head Programmer


Robert Wilby

  • Technical Director of EXPAND-IT.
  • Responsible for the creation and writing of all Expand-IT’s programmes.
  • Expert in Power BI and QLIK Sense technology, analysis programmes in the business, education and health sectors.
  • Has significant experience as an ICT expert within education. Before creating Expand-IT he worked for Incyte International where he was responsible for the development of the data programs that are used to generate the web-based school self-evaluation programs.
  • Previous to that he worked for ten years at Wessex Associates and Bench Marque Ltd. Those years were spent replacing paper based school inspection systems with offline and online databases that improved the speed and efficiency for inspectors and the teams that supported them. Much of the work for Wessex Associates involved assessing school systems directly, offering advice and technical support and in many cases replacing a schools network completely.
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