School Data Tracking Solutions

Every school is unique and we offer an entirely personalised approach.

–  We can track anything a School/Academy/MAT can think of  –

  • Collect your data in the exact same way you are used to.
  • Analyse with comprehensive interactive graphs, charts and tables.
  • Apply custom filtering.
  • All your data is synchronised and kept up to date.
  • We can create regular/standard reports or provide you with bespoke reports that match your exact needs.
  • Access and share your reports online or export/save/print them as PDF, PowerPoint or both.
  • Be in a direct contact with our technical department and receive on-going tech support.
When even “minus” becomes “plus”

+ No changing of your data collecting system
+ No additional software
+ No need for special training
+ No going through long lists of “off the shelf” reports trying to find the right one
+ No additional charges for transferring your data

Give us some of your data and get a live demo

Who we are working for:


School Teachers and the SLT can explore key data in a way that was previously unthinkable. They can search and filter whole school data such as Pupil Premium / Attendance / Achievement / Prior Attainment / Progress 8 / IT / Finance / HR / CPD.

Multi-Academy Trusts

Senior Management can centrally access visual dashboards and reports, so that they can easily interrogate and interact with key performance data from each of their Academies, such as Attendance / Achievement / Pupil Premium / Prior Attainment / Progress 8 / IT / Finance / HR / CPD.

Local authorities

Managers can access visual dashboards and reports and interrogate and interact with key data from any number of departments such as Admissions / SEN / School Improvement / Eearly Years / Adult Community Learning / School Travel / Apprenticeships.

Education/Training organisations

Managers can analyse all aspects of training / CPD, including Consultants / Trainers / Workshops / Costs / Venue / Feedback and Impact, so that the organisation can more efficiently meet the needs of their clients.

In all cases we can provide you with a bespoke solution that meets your exact needs. We can create applications that are visualisations of any kind of education data that you can then interrogate and analyse. All you need to do is to supply the data. It can be from a variety of sources such as spreadsheets, databases and cloud services and we can refresh it so that your data is up to date and relevant.

To discuss your exact requirements contact Rob Wilby (IT Director)

Phone: 01364643068