School Reviews
  • For Primary and Secondary Schools, Academies and Multi-academy Trusts
  • Educational, Technical, Financial, Data Analytics, Online Safety, Efficiency and any other relevant or required reviews
  • Detailed reports with key findings, recommendations and development plan to make a transformational impact
  • Be more efficient and save money
  • Choose from the most popular reviews below or contact us to discuss your exact needs
Expand‐IT can create applications that are visualisations of any kind of education data that you can then interrogate and analyse.

We Provide:

  • A pre visit conversation to establish needs and obtain key information.
  • A number of school visits to engage with staff to discuss with you your exact needs; review current data and advise on its strengths and weaknesses and how it can be improved; discuss your data visualisation requirements, the design of the reports, who is to access them and how; the sources of data, the relationships between the different sets of data you want to use and how often it should be refreshed.
  • Access to the Expand-IT Technical team to build the intelligent data solution and share it with you.
  • Training for you to get the best out of the bespoke data visualisation tools.

Note: The consultant and Expand‐IT provide an annual Technical and Development Support Service.


It is a focused ICT health check:

  • Understand exactly the quantity and quality of what ICT you have
  • Access a 3 or 5 Year costed Strategy
  • Save money in your future ICT investments
  • Realise your vision.

ICT Review packages (choose any of the following):

  1. Technical Review – of the infrastructure as well as hardware and software provision, an analysis of its ‘health’, with development recommendations. It also includes a review of your ICT Support.
  2. Education Review – of the existing use of ICT for Teaching and Learning, especially its use in the classroom, including the Computing Curriculum, with key education findings and recommendations.
  3. Financial Review – including an analysis of all the costs of ICT within the school so that it is clear what and when items should be replaced / refreshed, when and how to save money.
  4. Online Safety Review – to identify and share good practice.

All findings and recommendations will be recorded in an ICT Report and 3 / 5 year Development Plan.

What you get:

  • A pre visit conversation to establish needs and obtain key information.
  • A school visit to engage with staff, observe, review and record.
  • A detailed Report, with key findings, recommendations and a 3 or 5 year Development Plan.
  • Supporting Documentation – Policies & Procedures / Resources Sheet, etc.
  • Personal feedback to discuss findings and determine priorities and next steps.

How much it costs:

Each review has a cost of 2 consultancy days and you can choose 1, 2, 3 or 4 reviews. If you are a small primary school each review costs only 1 day consultancy.

Develop your Trust-wide Strategic ICT:

  • ICT Vision – create a Trust wide ICT Vision that articulates your key aspirations.
  • ICT Strategy – 3 year Development Plan – turn your vision into reality.
  • Trust ICT Special Interest Group – set up a strategic ICT Working Group.
  • Trust Policies and Procedures – create appropriate ICT documentation.
  • Due Diligence Academy Reviews – gather key information on every Trust Academy.
  • BSF Exit – access expert support to refresh / replace your ICT Managed Service.
  • Trust ICT Support – identify your options and plan your ICT Support for the future.
  • Trust ICT Management Support – for your current staff.

Develop Trust-wide Operational ICT:

  • Office 365 rollout – enabling productivity, communication and collaboration across the Trust.
  • Google G Suite for education rollout – enabling productivity, communication and collaboration across the Trust.
  • SharePoint Development and rollout – create a Learning Platform / intranet alternative.
  • ICT Procurement (best practice) / Efficiency Savings / Building Development – access expertise and save money.
  • Data Analytics – access all Trust wide interactive visual data in real time.
  • MIS – review and rationalise MIS data across the Trust.
  • Computing Curriculum – personalise and implement a Trust wide SOW, Activities and Resources.
  • Online Safety – review and implement a Trust wide Online Safety Policy.
  • CPD – provide bespoke training, linked to staff skills audit
  • Projects / Resources – enable Innovation in the classroom (T&L) accessing a wide variety of projects, events and resources.

What you get:

  • A pre visit conversation to obtain key information.
  • A no obligation Trust visit to engage with key staff, to identify needs and priorities.
  • A detailed personalised proposal, with key recommendations, costs and project plan.

How much it costs:

This depends on what your needs are and the number of days support you want.

Conducting thorough ICT Due Diligence exercises for each of our schools joining the Trust has helped us to have a clear audit with key recommendations in the areas of Education, Technology and Finance. We hope to have a long term relationship with you and would also recommend any other schools who might want to access your services and consultancy. Carolyn Robson

Vice Chair of Teaching Schools Council CEO/Executive Principal, Rushey Mead Educational Trust

We sought Jeff’s advice at a time when our computing had fallen significantly behind the demands of the new curriculum and the needs of a dynamic staff team. His knowledge and specialist expertise in technology for schools has put us firmly back on track towards a realistically costed and creative future for computing in our school. Susy Stone

Headteacher, Akiva Primary School, Finchley

Your insightfulness has left us with a clear statement of where we are and the means by which we can get to where we want to be. Not only have you told us what we need to do, you have also given us the tools we need; and has continued to brief us about new developments. Catherine McMahon

Headteacher, Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School, Whetstone

To discuss your exact requirements contact us